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We help you accelerate your cloud transformation by solving complex problems with state of the art technologies.

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We are cloud specialists

High Performing Cloud Organisations release 46x more frequently, spend 44% more time on new work and recover from incidents 96x faster than their counterparts. We help you exceed your goals at every step of the way along your cloud journey.


Deciding to move to the cloud is a business critical yet essential task. You need to make a multitude of decisions that will impact your business, service operations, infrastructure and technology.

Ranging from your cloud partner to your container strategy, microservices architecture, data and security, we help you make informed decisions and ensure you have the right frameworks and centre of excellence set up and ready to make the move to cloud one that accelerates your business.


Embarking on your cloud transformation is about showing value along the way. Long gone are the days when businesses used to wait for 12 – 18 months for IT to deliver a project. In the digital, agile age, value needs to be shown at every step.

To ensure your journey is smooth, proper governance of technology, security, deliver and architecture need to be aligned with a cloud mode of operation. Agile delivery needs to be prototyped and trialed with the business. DevSecOps, Microservices and container frameworks need to have proper toolset, reference architectures and roadmaps.


Operating a cloud estate is vastly different from managing traditional IT. Mis-managing your infrastructure, delivery and architecture will incur costs and slow down your business.

Using cloud based management techniques like infrastructure as code, agile continuous deployment and ML/Ops and container clusters will help make sure that your are making the most out of your investment and that your business is running smoothly in its in new cloud home. Your cloud partner likely has many of these value added services and more, we help you make the most out of these services without vendor lock in.



We are a team of highly specialised individuals who know what makes a good software and what doesn’t.

Based in the UK with an offshore development team in the Middle East, every member of the Do Consultants family shares a unique passion for both technology and excellence. Specifically new technologies that help our clients innovate and make the most out of their IT whether they are enroute of their digital transformation or about to start one. We believe, in the new digital age, a High Performing IT that supports the new ways of working is integral to every business's commercial success.


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Forget About DevOps!

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Why DevSecOps

DevOps as a practice has a long history of introducing automation, speed, consistency, and quality into an organisation's software delivery practices. However security tends to take a back seat or is an afterthought. Digital organisations today treat security as a perimeter defence problem ...


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