Forget About DevOps!

Tarek Negm


Forget about DevOps - This is how I usually start when I speak with a prospective client. The hype makes it seem that IT leaders have to implement or kick-off a DevOps initiative. In reality, DevOps is a tool like other technology tools, it’s goal is to serve a purpose, an outcome or an objective.

Speaking to technology leaders in different industries and at different levels, I can tell you there is just one thing that is unanimous among them: All leaders want to make their organisations better, faster and cheaper. They believe will help them achieve this objective - and they are correct to think so.

What leaders really look for is to ensure their IT organisation is a high performing organisation. It is ready to support its business teams to innovate or breakthrough the market before competitors. It is a digital first organisation that understands that IT is not a supporting function anymore, in a digital - technology heavy - world, only your technology capabilities can dictate how far you can get along your digital transformation.

A high performing IT organisation is the reason why we do DevOps, DevSecOps, Microservices or move to the Cloud. This is the outcome IT leaders should be thinking about when they kick-off their DevOps initiative.


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