The Change Elements of Enterprise DevOps


Most enterprises approach DevOps adoption in a singular fashion: they use a bottom-up approach that is typically technology-driven and groups all considerations like, culture, metrics, processes and communication…

Is DevOps The Same As Automation?

The short answer is No; but let's explain why. DevOps as a movement is really about one simple thing: breaking down the silos between your IT functions – predominantly Development and Operations in the widest sense. Like Agile, the community have come up with tools and practices that enable ...

Better Metrics for your System Integrators

A hallmark of large Enterprises is using System Integrators to deliver IT products. It’s often more efficient than having an internal team because SIs usually have the experience of having delivered a particular technology repeated times.

Forget About DevOps!

Forget about DevOps - This is how I usually start when I speak with a prospective client. The hype makes it seem that IT leaders have to implement or kick-off a DevOps initiative. In reality, DevOps is a tool like other technology tools, it’s goal is to serve a purpose, an outcome or an objective ...

Why DevSecOps

DevOps as a practice has a long history of introducing automation, speed, consistency, and quality into an organisation's software delivery practices. However security tends to take a back seat or is an afterthought. Digital organisations today treat security as a perimeter defence problem ...


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