Forget About DevOps


Forget about DevOps - This is how I usually start when I speak with a prospective client. The hype makes it seem that IT leaders have to implement or kick-off a DevOps initiative. In reality, DevOps is a tool like other technology tools, it’s goal is to serve a purpose, an outcome or an objective ...

The Change Elements of Enterprise DevOps

Most enterprises approach DevOps adoption in a singular fashion: they use a bottom-up approach that is typically technology-driven and groups all considerations like, culture ...

Better Metrics for your System Integrators

A hallmark of large Enterprises is using System Integrators to deliver IT products. It’s often more efficient than having an internal team because SIs usually have the experience of having delivered a particular technology repeated times.

Why DevSecOps

DevOps as a practice has a long history of introducing automation, speed, consistency, and quality into an organisation's software delivery practices. However security tends to take a back seat or is an afterthought. Digital organisations today treat security as a perimeter defence problem ...

Is DevOps The Same As Automation

The short answer is No; but let's explain why. DevOps as a movement is really about one simple thing: breaking down the silos between your IT functions – predominantly Development and Operations in the widest sense. Like Agile, the community have come up with tools and practices that enable an organisation to break down the silos: Automation tools and Continuous practices ...

The DevOps CIO Brief

DevOps is the original concept or philosophy that is the basis for everything “Continuous”. When DevOps was initially incepted, the simple goal of the philosophy is to breakdown the silos and barriers between the development and operations teams and establish trust between the two organisations to achieve the business benefits of better time to market, agility to drive innovation and improve quality ...


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