DevOps for a Global Underwriting Platform

DevOps, High Performance IT

Chubb's global underwriting portal handles billions of dollars yearly as it is used by 20+ operational local Chubb companies around the world to underwrite Chubb's policies and support their customers.

Due to the complexity and high profile of the platform, Do Consultants was engaged initially to help Chubb reduce it's complexity.

Do Consultants successfully reduced the platforms technical debt to single figures and then embarked on supporting Chubb in other DevOps activities to improve the performance of their delivery.

Chubb's High Performance IT

Chubb Insurance group is the largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer worldwide with a market cap of 63 Billion. Do Consultants have been working with Chubb’s International IT department for the last 4 years on various projects.

Starting with DevOps consultancy to help Chubb improve the quality and reduce complexity of their global underwriting portal. Working in a complex environment with 3 system integrators in India, South Africa and the US, our consultants realised that the best approach is to focus on a single metric initially that would provide a clear and concise alignment across the system integrators and achieves Chubb's goal of reducing complexity. After achieving this metric, the team will collectively move on other targets with a success in the bag.

Accordingly, we focused on reducing technical debt as a measure of complexity. Having one metric helped us communicate effectively a single target to all partners, allowed us to go to the level of detail required to help the partners' teams execute on our plan and also helped Chubb govern a clear outcome. Working with Chubb’s partners and System Integrators, the team successfully reduced the technical debt on the platform to single digits in the space of 6 months.

This allowed Chubb to deliver updates to the underwriting portal with less downtime, fewer issues and faster.

Afterwards, as GitHub partners, Do Consultants supported Chubb’s migration from RTC to Github Enterprise delivering 7-digit savings in licensing only. In the process building a robust Code Branching and Merging strategy based on feature releases and training Chubb’s partners to adopt the new practice on GitHub.

Do Consultants is still engaged in Chubb helping their senior IT stakeholders drive their DevOps agenda and building a DevOps dashboard that provides senior leaders with visibility of their IT performance.


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