Delivering STC's IoT Platform Using DevOps

DevOps, Microservices, DevSecOps

Embarking on its 2020 Digital Vision in support of the Saudi Kingdom's 2030 vision, STC made the bold decision to build its Internet of Things and Machine to Machine B2B Gateway from the ground up in cutting edge technologies using DevOps, Microservices in a high availability environment.

Do Consultants worked with STC on building their DevOps Foundation and then delivered the B2B Gateway project in a full agile and DevOps modes in less than 12 months enabling STC to beat its own expectations and bring its business case forward.

STC's B2B Gateway High Performance Delivery

STC is the Telecom leader in Saudi Arabia and the region. With ownership of 56% of the market (fixed and mobile) in their home market and subsidiaries across the middle each and africa, STC is a key, influential player that sets the agenda for Telecoms in the region.

Embarking on their Digital 2020 vision, the STC Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine team are keen on ensuring the foundation upon which they build their strategic IoT capabilities is resilient, cutting edge and follows the latest practices and methodologies.

Due to the importance of the initiative, STC reached out to Do Consultants initially to assess their readiness for DevOps and implement the toolset and integrate their IoT projects to the new DevOps platforms.

Having received an amazing service from Do Consultants, STC went on to grant Do Consultants the contract to design, develop, deliver and support the new IoT Business Gateway and Integration Bus. Other than the quality of consultants and work that STC saw in our previous engagement, STC were keen on making sure their Key IoT platform is delivered using DevOps toolset and practices from Day 1 - it was not an after thought for them.

The API gateway is the central integration platform for all STC Machine to Machine and IoT enterprise customers. This is the platform that smart meter companies, fleet companies … etc. will connect to to enable their devices to be connected. From that perspective, the delivery of this platform should be at the utmost quality, highly resilient with proper DR and clustering.

Do Consultants, leveraging our expertise in delivering using DevOps methodologies, have completed the delivery, test and production of the API Gateway, Integration Bus along with a large number of functional APIs, integrated with STC backend in 10 months with customer acceptance.

Do Consultants could prove to STC that we practice what we preach and STC remains a loyal customer as we currently support the platform we delivered.


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