Accelerate Response To Business

DevOps helps you reduce your release cycles to weeks or days instead of months and laser-focuses your teams on delivering business requirements and responding to commercial demand in the quickest and most efficient way.

Implement Quality As BAU

With DevOps, you install proactive quality measures at every step of your process and automate the handover points between dev, test and ops to ensure you deliver the quality your customers expect.

Effortless Visibility

Leverage DevOps automation to give you near-real time visibility of your project portfolio in every phase of the release cycle. Identify risks as they appear and take appropriate action to mitigate them.

What We Do

We use our methodology to help you formulate a strategy for DevOps and Lean IT adoption in your organisation. This includes competitive analysis, baselining your current status against DevOps leaders and a practically phased plan of action that covers Technology, Culture and Ecosystem.

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We baseline your current IT capabilities, culture and organisation’s readiness to adopt or advance DevOps based on our Maturity Index. We also help you benchmark your organisation’s capabilities against lead practitioners then work with you to identify low hanging fruits and their benefit cases.

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If you have your engine running or prefer to implement using your team or your application development and maintenance partner, we offer a light-weight engagement model to assure your change plan, tools and overall execution. We typically engage in regular intervals based on your needs.

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We support your day to day implementation plan by providing technical direction and programme management and if required a full stack team to help with the tool implementation and change consultants to help with the culture and enterprise ecosystem elements.

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Our Approach

We understand that adopting DevOps on an enterprise scale is not merely a technical exercise of installing and integrating tools. It is about enabling a culture of collaboration with new roles and practices and managing the non-IT stakeholders in the wider enterprise ecosystem.

We are HANDS ON experts in a wide variety of open source and commercial tools. Our expertise is in the full DevOps lifecycle from Requirements to Operations. We practice what we preach, we implement DevOps using the best tools for your environment and integrate your systems, apps and platforms into the process.

DevOps is an lifecycle methodologies not a single-area methodology (development only or operations only). Unlike most competitors who focus on single area of DevOps, our expertise is across the end-to-end DevOps lifecycle to guarantee the realisation of DevOps benefits.

We understand organisations have different priorities and prefer different software models so we accommodate that in the flexibility of our model. We can provide full teams to take the pressure off your resources and ensure we do not compromise your commitments to your business. We can also provide limited resources (programme management and technical lead) and use your own internal resources to implement our DevOps recommendations

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