Our Company

Do Consultants was established by a group of seasoned change and technology consultants who are passionate about the disciplines of Enterprise DevOps and Lean IT. We believe that when setup correctly and cohesively, they become a significant asset to the business.

Our Mission is to help IT leaders effectively implement, realise and measure the business value of Enterprise DevOps and Lean IT.

We are practical and hands-on professionals who understand the big picture and focus on helping organisations identify and adopt a practical approach to implementing DevOps and lean IT methodologies across their end-to-end IT lifecycle.

End-To-End Expertise

An effective DevOps implementation should consider the big picture. We are experts in DevOps and its impacts to the end-to-end IT lifecycle from requirements through to infrastructure and operations; not a single domain.

Technology + Change

DevOps impacts People, Process and Tools. We take a holistic approach and work with you to ensure your DevOps adoption addresses all of these organisational aspects to deliver a true success.

Pragmatic Approach

We understand you are working to business targets and commercial priorities. We help you identify and build a benefits case, then phase your implementation according to business priorities

Our Values

In everything we do, we are driven by delivering Client Success and we ensure our engagement approach reflects this value every time. DevOps is a departure from the traditional IT lifecycle, but it is an upcoming trend due to the value it brings to organisations on both technical and business levels.

Focusing on delivering Client Success ensures that our engagements not only implement tools, but it helps our clients demonstrate DevOps value to their businesses.

Our Approach

We believe the ideal engagement is one built on partnership in success. We understand your ambitions, pain points and objectives and how they fit into the wider context of your organisation and we devise an approach that not only delivers your DevOps implementation, but also makes it your success story in the wider organisation.

We understand your operating model; whether you deliver internally or you outsource, we provide an engagement model that fits yours. Some organisations prefer we work along side their teams to ensure they start their journey without compromising existing deliverables. Others like us to provide technical and project leadership and use their system integrators or their internal teams to ensure knowledge transfer. As your partners, we engage however best for you.

As your partners, we understand that you work towards commercial and business objectives and stopping the delivery factory is not an option. The question becomes how can you adopt DevOps gradually, practically yet effectively. We are experts in answering this question and solving the dilemma.

As well as driving a benefits case for your DevOps initiative, we ensure that it is phased according to your priorities and team engagement. We ensure knowledge is transferred and your teams are trained to deliver the full DevOps benefits.

We are experts in a wide range of commercial and open source tools. Being tool agnostic with no affiliation to any tool organisations helps us become objective, credible and assures you that the tools we select for your company are truly the best for your technology landscape.

In some instances, if you have a set of tools already committed to, for example, for source control or a testing suite, having the diversity of experience we have, allows us to build on your existing tool landscape and complete your picture.

As your partners, we understand that being practical means we need to demonstrate the business value of DevOps. Accordingly, we help you build the business case for DevOps by looking at existing and upcoming projects, processes and teams to identify where DevOps can demonstrate immediate, measurable and visible value.

We also consider the existing pain points and whether DevOps can swiftly resolve any of them with a quick win. We use all of the above to put together a solid benefits case that has the least requirements from your team, yet the most impact.

DevOps is not only about tools, it is about breaking the silos in the IT value stream and aligning the teams through a visible and objective automation layer. Tackling DevOps without tackling the people and process aspect of DevOps does not bring the benefits, it simply automates your old process.

We understand the big picture – that DevOps is about bringing the business benefits not simply automation. Accordingly, we take a holistic approach and advise not only on tools, but also on people and process change to ensure your DevOps implementation yields its commercial value.

Our Team


Tarek Negm
Tarek NegmPartner

Tarek has a wide experience working and leading IT change programmes in local, group and multi-national settings. Tarek leads our product development. He has an MBA from London Business School.

Behrooz Mobasheri
Behrooz MobasheriPartner & CTO

Behrooz has over 35 years of IT experience across multiple disciplines and industries. Behrooz leads our technology with his hands on, technical approach that has an eye on the big picture.

Our Consultants
Our ConsultantsDevOps Experts

Our Consultants are seasoned DevOps experts. They have years of experience in tools, processes and how to phase the introduction of DevOps into organisations in different industries.

We are always interested in hearing from likeminded individuals with a passion for DevOps both technically and from a process and organisation perspectives.

You will work with exciting companies helping them kickstart or accelerate their DevOps journey. You will face exciting challenges with every assignment, each challenge posing a new learning and development experience.

If you are interested in exploring a career helping organisations realise real value through DevOps, please get in touch onĀ careers@doconsultants.com.