DevOps Is A Paradigm Shift – Executed Practically

The Benefits of DevOps are varied and all depends on your goals and the platforms you are adopting DevOps on. For example, DevOps can be adopted to provide speed and a better experience for some customer facing platforms; or it can be adopted to provide rigorous quality and proactive governance for backend revenue assured systems, where speed is not key.

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Speed To Market

DevOps improves your speed to market in more than one way. Firstly, it minimises the release cycle times by breaking releases into smaller chunks of product features, which helps focus on what is truly relevant to the business.

Secondly, it automates the end to end lifecycle to reduce or remove any manual overhead that is not required by your organisation for security or support reasons – in some projects we have seen, this can be 100s of man days of effort.

Thirdly, DevOps enforces measures upfront in the process to ensure the quality of the product is embedded in the process to reduce slippage and failures as the project progresses.

Innovation At Scale

As DevOps minimises the release cycle, it closes the feedback loop. One of the foundations of a continuous delivery and DevOps process is the closed feedback loop that ensures products and services are constantly improved as they are developed.

With a shorter delivery cycle and a mechanism to feedback and try again quickly, the IT presents the business with a cost efficient, quick and decision friendly process to trial products and services, get feedback then improve on their concepts and ideas before they launch the final product.

In addition to the above, with automation, IT investment to support innovation is lower and less labour intensive.

Customer Experience With Quality Built In

DevOps have a direct effect on customer experience of a product or service. One of the key DevOps principles is built in quality and having a multi-disciplinary approach.

The Quality As BAU principle ensures that the intended commercial experience is delivered to the customer and limits after launch issues to minimum to ensure the marketing efforts match the sold product or service.

The multi-disciplinary approach ensures the business is engaged through the full lifecycle with out IT presenting an overhead on business resource. Because the learning cycle is quick and focused, the IT feedback has business relevance and supports decision making.

Efficient & Laser Focused IT

With practices like Behaviour Driven Development or Specification by Example, you ensure your developers are only coding and programming the features that directly fulfil the business requirements.

Specification by Example brings requirements owners in the business, business analysts and developers together and with DevOps you can automate the translation of requirements to glue code ready for the developers to code and testers to test.

From that perspective, code becomes a by-product of requirements and tests ensuring that the product is efficient with minimum code required and focused on business requirements.

Full IT Value Stream Visibility

One of the unique advantages of DevOps is its ability to look across the end to end IT lifecycle and it uses automation tools that are rich in terms of functionality and data.

An effective DevOps implementation leverages the underlying tools to consolidate and bring to the front the end to end Heartbeat of the organisation’s portfolio of projects in addition to being able to dive into the details of each and every project.

Such visibility supports IT leaders to get on top and in front of upcoming shortcoming or risks in their portfolios and pro-actively react to mitigate these risks and fix the issues.

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