DevOps For SalesCloud, ServiceCloud and

The popularity of Salesforce means that more organisations are writing more native applications for Salesforce. Whether these are extensions to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud or pure applications on, managing your code within a large technical team can be complicated.

Do Consultants can help you vastly improve the speed, quality, and efficiency of your implementations. By helping you identify process improvements, key KPIs, and integration of DevOps tooling – Do Consultants will help you deliver tangible benefits to your organisation.

Salesforce Services

Single Version Of The Truth

Maintaining a single version of the truth in Salesforce can be complicated. Source Control Management can help by keeping all your declarative components and Apex/Visual Force code in a single container with the ability to branch and have historical revisions. Do Consultants can help you integrate Source Control management specific to Salesforce and help your technical teams implement their iterations in parallel.

Declarative Component Management

In addition to Source Control Management there is always the problem of how to maintain and change declarative components outside of the Salesforce environment. Do Consultants can provide you with the ability to view your declarative components, compare and merge them with previous releases. We also provide the ability to compare your Source Control Management Changes with target sandboxes.

Continuous Integration

To ensure quality throughout your iterations, Do Consultants helps you implement a Continuous Integration process for your Salesforce. This enables you to deploy changes on a frequent basis to a target sandbox where unit tests would be run along with various other quality checks; closing the feedback loop and helping your development team deal with issues immediately.

Automated Sandbox Deployment

The ability to automate your sandbox deployments significantly reduces the amount of manual effort required during a release. Do Consultants can help you automate deployments from your Source Control Management to the target sandbox along with any non meta-data API changes required that can be scripted. This ensures quality and speed in your deployments.

Test Automation & Continuous Delivery

Test Automation gives you the ability to run all your various testing requirements (functional, regression, load … etc.) without the need for human intervention. Test Automation vastly improves the speed of your iterations and releases by introducing efficiencies in the test process that helps your testers focus on what matters. In addition, Continuous delivery enables the chaining of your release process to various sandboxes using Automated Deployment, as well as the steps required to promote changes to your Test / SIT / UAT and other environments.

End-To-End Visibility With Dashboard

Do Consultants provides you with a Dashboard that gives you a powerful management view of the heartbeat of your portfolio lifecycle across the various stages as they happen in real-time. During release deployments, the dashboard provides you with the live pulse of the deployment process allowing you to take action when required at the right time. Additionally, the Dashboard provides you with Analytics that you can use to compare and contrast your team’s overall performance against your KPIs.