Enterprise DevOps Change & Technology Experts

We are firm believers in the DevOps movement not only the technology. We have seen the impact DevOps has on IT organisations and how it breaks the silos, brings the teams together under an aligned and uniform set of processes, KPIs and Objectives and tools.

Accordingly, we take an end-to-end, holistic approach to DevOps. Although we are experts in a wide range of commercial and open source tools – in addition to our own dashboard – We focus on the journey not only the tools. We understand the journey needs to be approached gradually and phased appropriately into the IT organisation and the rest of the business and we help IT leaders identify and kick off their own DevOps journey.

Our Services

DevOps Advisory

Build A Differentiating IT Capability

Lean IT Vision

Set the path to a strategic capability, understand the challenges and enterprise dynamics.
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Maturity Assessment

Assess Across People, Process & Tools

Informed Before Committed

Benchmark your current status and understand what needs to be done based on pain points and priorities.
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DevOps Assurance

Assure Your Adoption With Expert Opinion

Expert Support

Assure your adoption change and technology plans with Enterprise DevOps experts support.
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DevOps Delivery

Address Pain Points & Deliver Business Value

Effective DevOps Adoption

Adopt a progressive implementation approach based on business priorities and measurable benefits.
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Our Solutions

DevOps For Salesforce

SalesCloud, ServiceCloud & Force.com

Bring Benefits Forward

Realise the business benefits of Salesforce.com quicker using automation and DevOps.
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DevOps Dashboard

Near Realtime End-to-End IT Lifecycle Visibility

Effortless Visibility

Have a near-realtime and complete visibility of your IT portfolio in one place.
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Why Choose Us

DevOps touches the full IT lifecycle and the teams involved in different ways. From requirements to operations, our services help you advance in a phased, practical and evolutionary approach in every step of the lifecycle.

  • Your Success Is Ours DevOps is only as good as the pain points it resolves and the value it adds to our clients.
  • We Deliver Business Value we help build a benefits case for DevOps & phase it to demonstrate business value.
  • We Deliver More Than Just Tools we help implement DevOps across People, Process and Technology.
  • We Have The End-to-End View we do not give you a part of the journey and leave you to figure out the rest.
  • We Are HANDS ON we are experts in a wide range of commercial and open source toolsets.
  • We Deliver Using Your Team we provide technical leadership and use your team to deliver to ensure knowledge transfer.
  • We Are Not Tool Vendors we are tool agnostic recommend what is best for you based on your technology preferences.

What Clients Say

In less than 6 months we could see immediate benefits with Do Consultants. Our code quality has improved drastically resulting in smoother releases and quicker ones.
Head Of Delivery, Financial Services
Do Consultants quickly identified the pain points and benefits that DevOps can bring to us and working with the team, they helped us realise the value quickly.
Programme Manager, Telecoms