DevOps Assurance Services

Enterprise DevOps adoption is progressive programme that impacts various parts of the IT organisation.

Enterprises with established internal software capabilities or long term Application Development and Maintenance partners may wish to continue with that approach while introducing DevOps. In some cases, the leadership team wishes to use their existing capabilities to phase in and implement DevOps.

However, as Enterprise DevOps and Lean IT practices are new to the organisation, IT leaders require a level of assurance that their plans, tools and approach to changeĀ are passed under the microscope of subject matter experts and DevOps specialists.


Typically a light weight engagement, Initially we baseline your current situation and obtain visibility of your plans, timelines and change & communication strategy.

Post the initial baseline activity, we agree a short visit frequency for regular follow up and at relevant milestones in your plan.

During each short visit, we assess your progress, discuss implementation and change challenges and advise on a course of action.

For more information about our implementation services and your specific needs for implementing DevOps, please Get In Touch.