The Next Logical Step – Effortless & Single View Visibility

Once you begin your DevOps journey and start implementing the automation tools across your IT lifecycle, the next logical step is leveraging the tools running your value stream to extract valuable information about your portfolio’s near real-time Heartbeat, aggregate these information and extrapolate from them your portfolio’s performance against KPIs and business targets.

The DevOps Dashboard gives you, the different teams and functions in your IT value stream and IT management the relevant level of effortless visibility and transparency.

Regardless of the DevOps tools you use, our Dashboard’s flexible architecture integrates with a wide variety of DevOps tools.

Lifecycle Heartbeat – Synchronised, Current & Relevant

Leveraging the underlying DevOps automation to achieve true visibility has always been spoken of but never achieved before today. While every single tool available has some form of dashboard or reporting capabilities, these dashboards are not holistic across the full lifecycle and are usually focused on a specific area of the process – which that tool automates.

Our Dashboard is the first dashboard that sits across your end to end lifecycle from requirements through dev, test into Ops. With its flexible architecture, it is tool agnostic and it can integrate into a wide variety of technologies to provide near-real time heartbeat of your end to end lifecycle by exposing, aggregating and extrapolating data from your DevOps tools.

Become Proactive. No more late risk detection and mitigation, cost overruns or surprises.

Business & IT Transparency

Informed decision making and accurate understanding of the performance of your projects and portfolio goes a long way to get you ahead of the curve. There is more to the data collected from your tools; our dashboard leverages the heartbeat raw data to aggregate, report and provide performance measures against your IT KPIs or related business or organisation KPIs.

Providing regular, aggregated and intelligent performance against KPI reporting requires understanding of both your single projects and the overall portfolio. Our dashboard has the ability to report on a project level for project teams, to report on a portfolio level for portfolio owners, on executive level for senior IT and business stakeholders.

Flexible & Extensible Architecture

Based on a layered architecture, the dashboard provides an aggregation layer that is responsible for tool integration with multiple connectors depending on the technology and product used. On top of the aggregation layer, the business logic layer is responsible for the aggregation, analytics and KPI intelligence. On top of the core layers, the widgets form the independent presentation tissue of the business logic layer, grouped together under a web interface that provides access and role management in addition to responsive capabilities.

With a clean architecture that is based on HTML5, SCSS and Ruby, our dashboard is uniquely positioned for the long term with an extensible architecture to meet the needs of an evolving business and IT executives.

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