Approaching The Enterprise

There is no template for adopting DevOps in the enterprise. Each organisation has its own dynamics and challenges and accordingly will have a different journey.

Back To The Basics: Why Is DevOps More Relevant To The Enterprise?

In our view, DevOps is really meant for large organisations. DevOps is simply about breaking the boundaries between the different functions involved in IT product releases. From Development to Operations. Teams use automation as a way to reach the goal of breaking the boundaries, from that sense, automation is an enabler of DevOps but it is not the only one – DevOps is about the human factor more than it is about the technology.

Because tensions and silos mostly build up in large organisations, DevOps is more relevant. Hardly do successful small organisations or start-ups struggle with communication problems, this is because the size of the organisation and the complexity of their processes are simpler than enterprises.

What Are The Challenges Of The Enterprise?

It is more than just finding the right tools and integrating them in the Enterprise’s landscape. Enterprise IT operates in a complex ecosystem that include financial governance, vendors and partners; with each there is a different challenge.

Below are some of the challenges that we hit along the way as we embarked on the DevOps journey with other enterprises.

Management Technical
How will DevOps work with my organisation’s financial gating / governance process for budgets? What are the best tools to use for my technology landscape?
I work heavily with System Integrators, how do does DevOps fit in? How to Phase DevOps In With SIs? How do I integrate all these tools together in a wider architecture and How do I phase the tools onto my systems?
How do I onboard System Integrators to my DevOps vision and work with them? What to say and what to expect? Practically – how do I integrate DevOps tools to work with Off the shelf/vendor products (Oracle, SAP, Salesforce … etc.)?
How will DevOps work in a distributed / Virtual team environment? Will DevOps work the same for all my systems? Or there may be different tools used for different systems?
I work in a regulated environment, how to work with auditors and compliance teams? Do I need to form a “DevOps Team”? What to look for if I am hiring a DevOps resource?
How do I set Team objectives in a DevOps environment? How do I set quality thresholds and proactively enforce them?
What KPIs and Metrics should I use to measure team (or SI) performance in a DevOps environment? What happens to my technical designers and solution architects? Where do they fit in within the DevOps lifecycle?

Benefits Driven Adoption

We believe that the best way to adopt DevOps in the Enterprise is to follow a phased and benefits-driven approach. The following is a high level methodology that describes how best to adopt DevOps in an enterprise based on our experience.


  • Understand The Technology Landscape
  • Gain a 360 view of existing stakeholder pain points.
  • Understand the culture, internal processes and organisation dynamics.
  • Develop A Phasing Approach.

Build The Case

  • Dive Into Existing Project Plans And Resourcing Profiles.
  • Understand The Release Cycle And Process Constraints Of Each Project.
  • Understand Impacted Systems, Platforms And Identify Appropriate Tooling.
  • Identify Laser-Focused Quick-Wins. These will be DevOps opportunities that will provide immediate benefit to the business and stakeholders.


  • Ensure the quick wins contribute to your big picture of DevOps.
  • Plan for process impacts, vendor impacts, governance impacts and create a stakeholder action plan and develop executive sponsorship.
  • Implement and Integrate The Automation Tools (Integrate the tools with each other / integrate the tools with your systems and platforms).
  • Train your staff, vendors and managers.

Learn & Adapt (Feedback)

  • The journey is not over, collect and consolidate feedback.
  • Avoid pitfalls and adapt to new priorities.
  • Kick-off the next phase.

More In Depth Discussion

Each organisation has its own dynamics and at the enterprise level, there is no one-size-fits-all template for DevOps. We work with you to find the best way the advance or adopt DevOps in your organisation. Get In Touch.