DevOps Delivery Services

Adopting DevOps practices requires changes to processes, team structures, reporting and KPIs. In addition to adopting new tools and integrating these tools into the relevant development, test and operations platforms.

DevOps is a methodology and there is no standard way of implementing it in all organisations. An effective DevOps implementation is tailored to the organisation’s priorities, people, processes and technology – it is not just about implementing tools.


Implementing DevOps in your organisation can be a paradigm shift in the way you deliver your products and services, and for Enterprises this is a graded approach. Do Consultants combines change management with a gradual adoption approach that ensures your new practice delivers on its promise. However, as the owner of the initiative, understanding that DevOps is a change journey is critical to successfully phasing in the practice into your organisation.

Our approach is pragmatic and practical. We have engaged with organisations that run their own development teams and with others who rely on an ADM partner or system integrator. Our engagement models are simple and supportive of both setups.

Phasing & Planning

Depending on your position on our Maturity Index, we devise a phased plan based on our benefits-driven assessment. The plan typically stresses the quickest wins that can demonstrate an immediate value or ease an immediate pain.

We usually recommend an inflight project that is not on a critical path to start with. However, if the value is driven by the operational efficiency, we focus on the operational process automation that will drive the value. The Key to the engagement is a phasing plan and roadmap that is specifically put together for your organisation and your objectives.

Engagement Models

Our engagement models are very flexible and are put together based on our experience working in organisations of different sizes and IT strategies.

Supervisory Partner
Some organisations prefer to build and keep the DevOps knowledge in-house or with their preferred system integrators to ensure the new practice runs smoothly after we assist with the initial kick-off. We understand that we are their to put you on the path and work with you until you can take over on your own; accordingly for these type of engagements we usually offer minimum resources to lead the technical DevOps direction and to programme manage the DevOps adoption plan.

We use your resources or your system integrator’s/partner resources to install and integrate the DevOps tools based on our direction and we train them to take over after we leave.

Implementation Partner
Some organisations prefer to focus their resources on existing projects and business demand as opposed to dedicating resources to build their DevOps landscape. In this case we usually provide a full engagement model.

In addition to technical leadership and programme management, we also bring our consultants to install your DevOps tools, integrate your platforms to the automation framework and work with your teams in their existing projects to get them trained on the job to the new ways of working.

Operating Partner
Typically this model is for IT executives who work in demanding, sensitive and fast pace industries where they require a consistent expert DevOps skills on their ranks because they cannot afford less.

In this model, we keep a resident resource on premise to ensure you run a smooth DevOps practice and all your platforms are performing to the best DevOps can bring.

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