DevOps Maturity Assessment

Organisations adopting DevOps have reported significant & measurable benefits between 17% – 23% improvement on key metrics such as revenue, time-to-market and customer acquisition. However, adopting DevOps is not only about installing automation tools; the bigger involves delivering business value by breaking silos, aligning teams and achieving speed to market with higher quality.

Do Consultants helps you understand the potential of adopting DevOps into your organisation, assess the impact and come up with an implementation plan that is tailored to your objectives, your organisation’s priorities, phased and delivers business value at every step.

Understand Your Readiness And Benchmark Your Journey – Request A DevOps Maturity Assessment

Our Approach

Our approach to maturity assessments involves two interconnected activities: The first assesses your DevOps capabilities across your IT lifecycle against our maturity index; The second identifies practical and pragmatic opportunities for implementing DevOps that tackle real pain points you have or improvement quick wins and builds the business; then puts a high level benefits case for these opportunities to help you move your DevOps adoption agenda within your organisation.


The goal of any assessment is to have enough depth and understanding of your landscape to be able to advise on the best way forward for you to adopt DevOps or accelerate your DevOps initiative. Maturity Assessments timelines are in weeks generally. The outputs of a typical assessment are:

  • High Level Change / Adoption Plan phased based on your Organisation’s ecosystem, culture & technology landscape. It also highlights the quick wins, timeframes and potential cost.

  • Recommended Toolset based on the technologies you use and the products/systems you have, we give you a view of the best tools that fit your landscape to automate the end to end process.

  • Maturity Assessment Score based on your organisational change readiness, culture, the technologies you use and the platforms you have, we give you a view of where you are and where your target improvement priorities are.

  • Benefits Case for the initial phase of the adoption plan. Based on our assessment of existing projects and systems, we work with you as part of the assessment to extrapolate quantifiable benefits that can be realised by adopting DevOps to help you build a business case for your initiative.

Our DevOps Maturity Index

Our maturity assessment index is based on 10 key areas that we believe are crucial to having a complete DevOps landscape. For us to be able to assess these 10 areas thoroughly we typically a 5-STEP approach to assess your technology release and delivery processes across all relevant domains/functions.

We look at your inflight and just completed projects, we study each platform’s release process and technology, we understand your pain points, existing team structures, existing and potential automation tools and delivery processes to recommend a DevOps implementation approach tailored to you and supportive of your goals.

Our Maturity Index is broken down into two main categories:

  • Technology Aspects The objective is to assess the technical side of your landscape including programming languages, plugins, software packages, test, deployment and operation tools in addition to environments as well as other practices.

  • Soft Aspects The objective of this part is to assess the your organisation’s readiness to adopt DevOps. From looking into anonymous team and personal objectives, KPIs and existing reports, understanding pain points to assessing team structures, existing silos and propensity to adopt.

Technical Assessment
Business Analysis & Requirements Process
Development & Build Process
 Testing & Quality Assurance Process
 Release Cycle & Project Management Methodology
 Deployment, Environments, Operations & Infrastructure
Soft Factors Assessment
Visibility & Silos
Team Structures & Objectives
 Function Handover Points & Processes
Current KPIs & Suitability For DevOps
Pain Points & Potential Benefits

Building The Benefits Case

Being practical, pragmatic and understanding of the wider picture, we work with you during the assessment process to build a business case for your DevOps initiative.

To help you realise and measure the business benefits, we take an approach that is based on assessing two main areas in your landscape to put a business case together:

  • Inflight & Recently Completed Projects Significant value can be driven by looking at real project timelines, resourcing profiles and project activities across the full lifecycle (development, test, operations … etc.). We look at all that; talk to your developers, testers, deployment and security experts to understand their current process and where DevOps automation can add significant value.

    We then work with you on associating some monetary value to these benefits against the impact and cost of implementation.

  • Change & Operational Processes DevOps adds efficiency and cost avoidance benefits to your BAU change and to your operational processes. We examine these processes and understand the pain points and where DevOps can help automate infrastructure deployment, operational monitoring and support.

    We extrapolate with you the benefits that can be associated to the identified areas and how it may impact your TCO positively to put together a full picture of the value DevOps brings to your BAU operations.

For more information and a discussion on your assessment needs, please get Get In Touch.